Meet the Passionate Team Behind Sheba's Healthcare Mission

sheba team(dr._ahmed_sharif)

Dr Ahmed Sharif, President

Family Physician

Dr Sharif is a Melbourne based Family Physician. He is a social activist, a freelance social commentator and a writer. He has published several books on sociopolitical issues as well as fictions and poetry books. Dr Sharif presented a number of seminar papers in International Family Medicine and Public Health conferences. He is also an adjunct faculty of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Science & Technology Chittagong (USTC).

sheba team (Dr Mohammed Mostofa)

Dr Mohammed Mostofa, Vice-president

MBBS, M Med (Family Medicine), FRACGP
General Practitioner

Dr Mostofa is a General Practitioner in Moe, Victoria. He worked in various Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Hospitals in Bangladesh and South Africa.

sheba team (Dr Shahed Alam)

Dr Shahed Alam, General Secretary

Family Physician

Dr Shahed Alam is a Family Physician in Melbourne. He has vast experience is working in the field of General practice and in and as a Hospital Generalist in Bangladesh, South Africa and Australia. Dr Alam has expertise in event management.

sheba team (Dr Nazmul Hoque)

Dr Nazmul Hoque, Treasurer

General Practitioner

Dr Hoque is a general practitioner(GP) in Melbourne. His life and works touched three continents – Asia, Africa and Australia. Reading and involvement with welfare organisations are his passion

sheba team (Manir Zaman)

Manir Zaman, Project Director

School of Business
Monash University, Melbourne

Mr Manir zaman is an academic at Monash University since 1994. Prior to joining Monash, he has worked as a Town Planner in a city council under the Victorian Govt. In Bangladesh, he started his career in 1975 as Section Leader in the World Health Organisation, then as lecturer, Residential Model College, Dhaka, and then as Traffic Superintendent in the Traffic cadre in the Bangladesh Railway. In 1979, he joined the BCS cadre and had worked in different capacities in a number of Ministries of the Govt of Bangladesh till 1991.

In Melbourne, Mr Zaman is currently actively associated with different community organisations such as Cardinia Interfaith Network, Australia Bangladesh Islamic Society, Senior Citizens of Bangladeshi Community.

sheba team (Dr Sharif As-Saber)

Dr Sharif As-Saber, Member

Associate Professor, International Business
RMIT University, Melbourne

Dr Sharif As-Saber is a senior academic at RMIT University in Melbourne. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Administration & Governance and the Honorary International Advisor of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA). He is also the President of South Asian Public Affairs Council (SAPAC).

sheba team (Dr Monirul Islam)

Dr Monirul Islam, Member

Senior Scientist, Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute, Ballarat

Dr. Monirul Islam is currently working as a senior scientist at the Fiona Elsey Cancer Research Institute (FECRI), Ballarat. He received his PhD from Nagoya University in Japan. Dr. Monir also worked as a Research Associate at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Texas, USA, as a Research Fellow at the National Food Research Institute (NFRI,) Japan and as a Scientific Officer at the Centre for Molecular Biology and Medicine (CMBM), Melbourne. Dr. Monir is active in various community activities involving Bangladeshi Melbournians.

sheba team (Amranul Haque)

Amranul Haque, Member

Laboratory Technical Service Manager
Dubois Chemicals, Melbourne

Mr Amranul Haque has a Master degree in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. He is working as a Laboratory Technical Service Manager in a multi-national chemical company in Melbourne.

sheba team (Oli Somaji)

Oli Somaji, Member

R&D Engineer
Rinnai Australia, Melbourne

Mr Somaji is a Melbourne based Mechanical Engineer. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka. He worked in Bangladesh as a Fleet Management Engineer before moving to Australia. Currently he is working as a Research and Development Engineer in Rinnai Australia which is a leading manufacturer of heating cooling machines.

sheba team (Nahid Akter)

Nahid Akter, Member

Specialist Family Violence Practitioner

Nahid is working as a Specialist Family Violence Practitioner. She holds a Master of Law degree from the University Of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Previously she served as a Judicial Magistrate under Bangladesh Government.

sheba team (Antora Sabreen Sharif)

Antora Sabreen Sharif, Member

International Program Manager
Save the Children Australia

Antora holds a Master degree in International Development from Monash University. She is working as the International Program Manager of Asia Development Programs for Save The Children Australia.

sheba team (Safnan Alam)

Safnan Alam, Member

Associate, Ernst & Young, Melbourne

Safnan is an associate of the famous accounting firm Ernst & Young in Melbourne. He is a graduate from Monash University and currently studying Chartered Accountancy. He also volunteers for Spark programme and a mentor for primary school children as well.

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