Support Sheba's Mission to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Your Donation is the Key to a Healthier Tomorrow

Your donation is the key to unlocking a healthier tomorrow for those in need. By supporting Sheba's mission to provide access to quality healthcare, you are making a meaningful impact on the health and wellbeing of underserved communities. With your contribution, we can continue to expand our reach and provide vital healthcare services to those who need it most.

Every dollar counts towards creating a better future for individuals and communities who may not have access to the healthcare services they need. Your donation can help provide medical equipment, medication, and healthcare professionals to those who would otherwise go without. It can also support community health programs, health education initiatives, and outreach efforts to help raise awareness of health issues and prevent illness.


Donation Process

Your donations enable us to run our projects in delivering essential primary health care and empowering disadvantaged women in Bangladesh.

Contribute to Sheba's account through Electronic Transfer

Account nameSHEBA
Account number4886 41249
BankANZ Bank
Swift CodeANZBAU3M

Send cheque to the following address

Location ForSHEBA
LocationSheba, 24 Lilydale Avenue, Clyde North 3978, 
Victoria, Australia

Donation Confirmation

We will send you a receipt upon receiving the fund. Please write your name in the reference section. Please send your address in the following email address, so that we can send you a receipt. If you wish to donate for a specific project instead of SHEBA offers, please mention it in the email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sheba is a DGR (Deductible Tax Recipient) charity. All donation made to sheba from Australia sources are tax deductible.
Your donation will be used to support our mission of providing access to quality healthcare to underserved communities. This can include providing medical equipment, medication, healthcare professionals, and supporting community health programs and health education initiatives.
No, every donation counts and we appreciate any support you can provide, regardless of the amount.
Yes, you can choose to designate your donation to a specific program or initiative, such as our mobile health clinics, maternal health programs, or health education initiatives by that in Sheba's Email:

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Your donations enable us to run our projects in delivering essential primary health care and empowering disadvantaged people in Bangladesh.
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