Blindness Prevention and Vision Care Programme in Northern Bangladesh (12th Eye Camp)

Blindness Prevention and Vision Care Programme in Northern Bangladesh (Phase 1). We have almost reached halfway through our project!
The 12th of the planned 25 camps took place in the Monmothpur Union Porishod office at Chokla Bazaar, Prbotipur, Dinajpur on Saturday, the 26th of June, 2024.

In this camp:
✅ Total patients screened for vision impairing eye conditions: 87
✅ Patients receive corrective lenses: 20
✅ Patients underwent Cataract surgery: 10

We plan to extend the project beyond the current phase based on our success. We thank everyone involved for their hard work, patronage, and support.

⇒ Project planning and Overall supervision: SHEBA
⇒ Implementation: Alternative Approach
⇒ Funding: Rotary Clubs of Balwyn, Rowville-Lysterfield and SHEBA
⇒ Service delivery partner: Majeda Eye Hospital





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